This Platform serves two benefits to Architects and Interior Designers


Top 23% contractor teams of any city, in 4 easy steps

Create account, select team type, filter according to your needs and boom.


Create a free account

To create an account click on the Sign up button on top right

The free account can allow 1 free team access if you onboard your best team too. It’s a collaboration platform, remember.


Onboard your team first

This platform works on the simple philosophy of sharing and collaboration. When you onboard your team, it makes the whole network stronger. In return we give you free access to any one team that you choose.

Apart from a free one time team access you also enable other architects, designers to collaborate with you when they are looking for teams in your city, hence increasing your passive income. Good Karma.


Find that perfect team, with filter help

After onboarding your team, select the city you want team in and then the team type. There are 2 team types on KreativBricks, Interior Design team and Construction team.

We understand some of you work on residential projects, some create hotels, some hospitals, some do coorporate projects. Some want team that has carpenter and civil guy both. Some want teams with architects having experience of say 13 years. We have just the right filters to help you boil down your options to that one perfect team that you desperately wish you had.


Send request for collaboration

After finding the best team, if the team is private, meaning contact details aren’t available then you can choose to collaborate with team owner by sending a request.

If the teams are public, you can directly see their individual contact details and connect with them.

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