This Platform serves two benefits to Architects and Interior Designers


Collaborate better & reduce rework cost by upto 52%

Create unlimited project, use while collaborating with other firms or add your own team, track sites & more.


Create unlimited construction, design projects

With the premium plans you get the freedome to create unlimited projects, plan them. It’s easy to use and the learning curve is very simple.

The free plan allows 1 free project with limitations on the no. of people you can add to your team, file size that you can share etc.


Collaborate better with employees & other firms

You can add as many people in your team working on several projects easily, including your employees as well as contractors.

When some other firm accepts your collaboration request, you can use this as a single source of truth for both firms. They can add their own team members as well.


Planning a project made robust and simple

Next, to plan your projects create them into milestones and tasks. Multiple tasks make up a milestone, a project can have multiple tasks as well as milestones.

You can assign Leaders who are responsible for the success and timely completion of a major milestone, while assigning employees to individual tasks. Just like in a company there are some people with authority who guide and lead other employees.


Make sure no one misses anything

Communicating important project details via comments on individual tasks is a breeze. It makes sure that people are not missing out important information.

An important part of communication and project information is project files. It’s time to say bye bye to ugly emails. Share files with contractors as well as your employees. Next time, you won’t have to browse through different emails to find that important file.


Track sites on the click of a button

Tracking site on chatting apps is outdated. Our built-in site tracking section allows you to easily know on any what’s happening on your sites. It’s made possible with the help of a mobile app that can be accessed by your supervisors and contractors. No matter where you are, you’ll always what’s happening on multiple sites in one window.

The tracking is clean and made simple to follow with the help of segment agency views. Meaning you can have multiple agencies, under one hood with their tracking in separate views on a click of a button.


The source of truth in your firm

Apart from logging your transcations you can also keep a track of individual project status with different birds eye view like Kanban view & Gantt-chart view. They give a neat look of whose working on what in a project. They tell you the real picture of your workforce’s performance.

The Kanban view gives an idea of what’s yet to begin, what’s in progress and what’s completed. Gantt chart view shows tasks dependencies and what’s delaying a project and by how much. While the Calendar view keeps you updated with what anyone in your firm should be working on, on any given date.


Understand, visualize & improve

You can’t improve and grow further without knowing what you are doing good and where you are lacking. That’s where analytics comes into the picture, which shows your project healths for any given period of time. It shows who the people in your firm are, who’s leading who’s lagging and how your firm performs compared to other firms on our platform.